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An unforgettable act of Kindness – Olive House International


I have to share this story to let someone know God can use you anywhere you are and also that there are still people doing good. This act of kindness by a complete stranger will never be forgotten. I have been suffering terrible pains for the past few days and deciding I needed professional help I told my husband to get me to the nearest urgent care. I tried to make an appointment but was told I couldn’t because I had a balance on my account. The lady featured in the picture was working the information desk for that shift and asked if I could clear the balance. I told her I couldn’t at the moment. She told me she would work out a payment plan for me for 3 easy payments. She then dropped something in my bag which was sitting open on the counter. I asked her what it is that she just dropped in my purse and she told me it was my payment so I could see the doctor. I cried because I did not even ask her and to make it even more special I really did not have the money to pay.

We got into talking further and she told me she felt led to do it. She showed me a sheet of paper with a write up she had just done on Faith. The first few lines read, “We tend to think things happen to us, but Scripture teaches things happen for us. when we understand things happen for us, we can look for the Lord in every situation. He is at work seeking to deepen our Faith. Everything we go through, all of it, is for our sakes.” Wow!

I want to take to take this opportunity to salute our healthcare workers. This lady was busy but she took the extra time to listen to me and bless me. I thank God for her and for using her. I don’t know her name but God does. Remember God can use you wherever you are and there are still good people doing good deeds.

Be blessed!

Olivia Batchelor


An unforgettable act of Kindness

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