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Intercession: Breaking into Heaven -Book Reading – Olive House International

Georgia Bryce reading an excerpt from the book

Intercession: Breaking into Heaven -Book Reading

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4 thoughts on “Intercession: Breaking into Heaven -Book Reading

  1. Isa 43:1 1 But now thus saith the LORD that created thee O Jacob and he that formed thee O Israel Fear not for I have redeemed thee I have called thee by thy name thou art mine.

  2. Love love love this book. God is moving me very fast into an intercessory lifestyle. The same day this book was released was the same day my pastor spoke into my life prophetically and instructed me to read everything I could find on intercession. Hmmmm I believe God is trying to tell me something. Intercession has become such a passion for me, entering the throne room contended for others. Chapter 3 CHALLENGES TO THE CALL was a real confirmation that enemy does not want me to enter into this realm of intercession. Coming at me from every direction trying to discourage me. BUT GOD plan shall prevail!!! Thank you Olivia for being so transparent and sharing your journey

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