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DON’T LOOK BACK! – Olive House International

a-new-designHello friends… At the beginning of 2016 we declared we were “Stepping Out” in faith, believing God to receive all He had in store for us. We want you to know we appreciate you following us, standing with us, believing with us, praying with us and for your overall support of Olive House International. Stepping out for us meant leaving the familiar and forging a course into uncharted territories. This stance was not without its challenges but prayer, constant reminders of our theme and Faith in God Almighty propelled us to take on the impossible and the unknown… And Glory to God for his faithfulness, we have experienced major breakthroughs. Some of the testimonies were already shared with you… As our team went into prayer for direction into 2017 we were reminded of the command the Angel gave Lot to “flee into the mountains”, “don’t dwell in the plains” and “don’t look back” (Genesis 19:17). Some of the promises we are believing for are yet to be manifested but we have left the plains of familiarity and we are not looking back. We will forge ahead until we have accomplished all we set out to for the glory of God. So in this New Year join us as we continue the journey and we admonish you “Don’t look back.”


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