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He Is Risen – Olive House International



He is not dead, He has risen

How could this be…?

How could He escape the cold icy grip of me?

He’s not here, He is missing

There has been a breach, no one ever escapes

from inside of me

He’s not here, the stone have been lifted and..

They have looked in -all that’s left

are the head wrap, spices and strips of linen

He’s not here and I am empty.

He’s not dead, He’s among the living

He’s become the first fruit of them that sleepeth

What! He’s not dead? And we’re not winning?

How can we hinder them from believing?

For if He’s not dead  they no longer have to continue living sinning

Let’s say they stole the Body and buried it

somewhere deep within…

But He’s not here!

You better start believing for if so be the case you’re victory run have ended

and so is my stinging

He’s not dead! He’s risen!

He is…

Behold the hands, Behold the nails

Nigel Batchelor

He Is Risen

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